What Photographers Say About Bradford’s Teachings

What Photographers Say About Bradford’s Teachings

“Bradford was amazing!  So much energy and passion.   This was the most inspiring 8 hours I have ever experienced in this industry.”  -Jeff Ebert, Ebert Studio, Oak Park, Illinois 

“Your seminar is the Tony Robbins of  photography business mastery”  -Christopher Rensink

“On a scale of 1-10 I rate the seminar: 10,000”  -Marla Michele Must, Marla Michele Must Fine Art - Voted Best of the Best Photographer in Michigan 2013, 2014, 2015

“Wish I would have taken this 10 years ago”  -Jerry Hudson, Jerry Hudson Photography

“Phenomenal.   There is no workshop as concise and educational”  -Renee Farias, reneefarias.com

“The number one seminar I would recommend to anyone in the photography industry”  -Aileen Avikova, Enchanted Fairies Photography

“The best sales seminar I have ever taken”  -Mark Robert Halper, Harper Fine Art

“The boldest photography sales program I have ever attended”  -Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photography

“These 8 hours have done more for me than I’ve known in 8 years”  -Aaron Geller, Aaron Geller Photography

“I came away with more action items in one day than I have from week long droning schools”  -Charles Waugh, Charles Fine Art Portraits

“Content was amazing; super motivational”  -Amy Aiello, Amy Aiello

“This is worth every penny”  -Katie Trudeau, Trudeau Fine Art

“Life Changing”  -Jessica MunZing, Zing Photography

“Bradford absolutely delivered, it’s a mind transforming event”  -Mark E. Tyler, Annedwin Photography

“I have never written so many notes at a seminar before”  -Maria LaCour, Andre LaCour Photography

“Absolutely amazing”  -Kaela Domenico, SPC Portrait Art

“The best sales program for portrait photographers in the business.  Period.”  -William Herrington, Photohouse Films

“This is the best motivational workshop with the most ‘tools’ that I have taken over my 35 years”  -Lawrence Clemen

“Over a decade in this business and this was the first time I felt this was a workshop worth seeing.   Great investment.”  -Jim Noetzel, Jim Noetzel Photography

“These concepts completely changed the way I looked at my business and couldn’t wait till I got home to apply every principle”  -Barrie Dyer, Barrie Dyer Portrait Design

“Truly revolutionary!”  -Nena Metcalf, Metcalf Fine Art Portraits

“Bradford’s sales seminar is second to none”  -Davy Knapp, Davy Knapp Photography

“Without a doubt, one of the most eye-opening seminars”  -Josh Fisher

“Lots of Wow moments…exceeded my expectations”  -Daniel Gutierrez, Enchanted Fairies Studio

“Dynamite and inspirational” -Bob Campbell, Bob Campbell Studio 

“Best $500. I have spent in a long time”  -Rudi Blondie, Amedeus Photo

“A breath of fresh air in an industry full of fluff”  -Gustavo Fernandez, Gustavo Fernandez Photography

“The best photo/selling seminar I’ve attended”  -Denson Muffley

“You and Natalia rock!”  -Shavon Jennings, Jennings images

“I’ve been to dozens of seminars over the last 2 1/2 decades.   This is one of the best taught and relevant class I’ve ever attended.”  -John Pratt, JP Impressions Distinctive Photography

 “My mind has been blown”  -Kirsten Verdi, Serendipity Photography

“One of the best seminars I have had in the last 10 years of my photography career”  -Chung Li, Chung Li Photography

“This is the first Seminar I have taken 19 pages of notes!”  -Tiffany Walker

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