The Platinum Group

The Platinum Group

Join Photographers from: 

United States



The United Kingdom



New Zealand


into the most prestigious marketing group in the 

Photography Industry.  


This year we will be having a 2 Day Conference at the 5 Star Waldorf Astoria, Rome.   

Accommodations included.  

Scroll down to learn more.


Members from our group have the chance to present and compete for the Best Marketing Strategy.   

This years winner will be awarded a New Mercedes-Benz SLK Convertible!!!



Members also get a one day selling conference in New York or Palm Beach

with a stay at the Ritz-Carlton or Eau Resort and Spa.


The Platinum Group Geographical Exclusivity

Members of our group automatically have their metro area blocked out so that no other photographer from their  area can join.   This allows the group to be totally open and share with each other without worries.   Every member also signs a strict confidentiality agreement not to share anything learned inside the group with any photographer outside the group.

Some of the areas that are already blocked by current members:

Los Angeles County - BLOCKED

San Diego County - BLOCKED

Orange County - BLOCKED

Most of the Bay Area - BLOCKED

San Jose Area - BLOCKED

State of Washington - BLOCKED

State of Hawaii - BLOCKED

Fort Worth Area - BLOCKED

Austin-RoundRock Area - BLOCKED

Houston Area - BLOCKED

Amarillo Area - BLOCKED

Plano Area - BLOCKED

Kansas City Area - BLOCKED

Little Rock Area - BLOCKED

Most of Chicago Area - BLOCKED

NYC Metro Area - BLOCKED

State of New Jersey - BLOCKED

State of Connecticut - BLOCKED

Boston Area - BLOCKED

Denver Area -BLOCKED

Toronto, Canada Area - BLOCKED


Paris, France - BLOCKED

Perth Australia - BLOCKED

Melbourne, Australia - BLOCKED

Geelong, Australia - BLOCKED

St. Louis, MO - BLOCKED

Huntsville, Alabama  - BLOCKED

Phoenix, Az - Blocked - BLOCKED

Salt Lake City, UT - BLOCKED

Orlando, FL - BLOCKED

Palm Beach County, FL - BLOCKED

Broward County, FL - BLOCKED

Miami Dade County, FL - BLOCKED

Montreal, Canada - BLOCKED

Springfield, IL - BLOCKED

Fargo, North Dakota - BLOCKED

Oklahoma City, OK - BLOCKED

Grand Rapids, MI - BLOCKED

Raleigh, NC area - BLOCKED

Fayetteville, NC area - BLOCKED

Richmond, VA area - BLOCKED

Boulder, CO - BLOCKED

Portsmouth, NH - BLOCKED

Christchurch, New Zealand - BLOCKED

Switzerland - BLOCKED

South London, United Kingdom - BLOCKED


The Platinum Group Consist of 64 Members of the most enthusiastic supportive photographers in the world that encourage, help and push each other each other to new heights every day.   We have from newer members to studios that do between 3-5 Million a year.   Within our Facebook Group are hours of videos on the best marketing and business strategies plus threads of discussion that is at a totally different level than the Facebook groups you typically see.  We have some of the most successful studios in the world, and the insights gained here are amazing!



There is a $795. one time membership fee, plus $625./month.

One year commitment required.

If your area is not blocked already, or if you want to get on a waiting list for a current blocked area, please contact Bradford at the email address below.

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