The Art of Selling Portraits II

The Art of Selling Portraits II

The Art of Selling Portraits II - 7 1/2 Hour Audio Program


            What you’ll learn:

  • How to conquer the enemy within:  Your MindSet.
  • The 10 questions to ask yourself, so you know where on the mind set continuum you are.
  • The 10 most powerful questions to ask in the camera room that help deliver amazing sales
  • The 2 keys to selling high ticket portraits
  • The 6 emotional steps to showing pricing 
  • The 8 unfair tools that will win you the sale
  • The 4 steps to handling almost every objection
  • The magic question that eliminates every objection
  • The 26 Mistakes Most Photographers Make
  • The 5 biggest mistakes photographers make on pricing
  • The 9 factors that determine your pricing
  • How to win when someone wants to negotiate
  • 11 Money making magnets for photographers
  • 34 traits of killer sales people
  • How to stop being in the business of busy-ness and how to start making money instead.

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About Bradford

In addition to running a Multi-Million-Dollar Studio, Bradford runs the most prestigious and exclusive photography coaching group in the world with more than 85 members in 9 countries.   The Platinum Group, as it is called, has more seven figure earning studios than any photography group on earth.   The members consider the group so valuable that in 2019 The Platinum Group had a 100% renewal in membership.  Bradford lives with his wife and children on an Island off the coast of Florida.  

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