A Rare Evening with Bradford

A Rare Evening with Bradford 

Million Dollar $trategies for

Portrait Photographers

Tour Dates

Los Angeles/Orange County - January 24th

Dallas - January 29th

Houston - January 30th

Chicago - February 4th

New York - February 7th

Toronto, Canada - February 26th

Seminar will be a high energy, massive information packed event starting at 6 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m.



People who master how to sell portraits can make more money than most Physicians.

  This seminar will help you DOUBLE and TRIPLE your portrait sales IMMEDIATELY!


Learn how Bradford has sold 50k in a single day and 100k 

in a single weekend using his unique selling strategies 



Why learn from Bradford??  

1.  He is one of the only photographers in the world that has sold over 30 Million Dollars in portraits

2.  The only photographer in the world to be paid over $100,000.00 for one speaking event.

3.  Runs the most prestigious photography association in the photography industry: The Platinum Group. TPG has over 80 studios in 9 countries paying a premium to be part of the group.   It is also the group with the most 7 figure studios of any photography group in the world and is almost impossible to get into because of blocked areas.  (There will be NO selling nor promoting Platinum Group membership at this event…most areas are already blocked…this event is all about million dollar portrait selling strategies).

4.  When all others studios were saying the market was crashing for photographers, Bradford opened his Palm Beach location on world famous Worth Ave. in 2010 where he has since sold millions of dollars in portraits.

5.  He started out from a one room portrait studio, living below the poverty level, to selling his way to three high-end luxury studios selling millions of dollars of portraits a year and earning in the top 1/1000th percent of income earners in the United States.

6.  Just in the last months, photographers have traveled from as far away as Paris (including the photographer voted best photographer in Paris), Australia, Brazil and Canada to learn Bradford’s strategies for selling portraits.

7.  Bradford is the only photographer to ever give away a brand new Mercedes SLC convertible to the photographer with the best marketing at his event at the Waldorf Astoria in Rome in 2018.

8.  He is the only photographer to publicly post 3 years of tax returns to show what he actually earns as a photographer.

9.  His Art of Selling Portraits Tour in 2016 sold out in every city. 

10.   A minimum of 50 million dollars made by photographers can be directly linked to Bradford’s teachings. 


Attending Bradford’s Seminar was the most significant, life-changing event in my career as a professional photographer!

-Mark Strachan, Leica Ambassador, 7 figure income portrait photographer with studios in Melbourne and Geelong, Australia.   


Need more social proof about Bradford’s seminars?   Click HERE to read comments from those who have attended past sold-out seminars by Bradford. 



Some of the lady bosses in Bradford’s Platinum Group in Rome this Summer

Approximately 1/2 the members of Bradford’s Platinum Group in Rome, Italy.   Platinum membership runs $10k a year yet ALL of these photographers find the teachings so valuable they ALL (100%) renewed and extended their membership into 2020;  a retention rate unheard of in the industry.   


Registration Opens December 1st at 10:00 a.m. 

Eastern Time on a First Come Basis 



Register on December 1st and get 60% OFF!   Again this is Dec 1st only!   

The $10,000. Interview

Get a copy of Bradford’s interview (over an hour long) with his top sales person Emily, as an immediate download as soon as you register!   The information on this program alone is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and is yours the moment you register!  Bradford performed this interview during a period where Emily sold over 100k in portraits in less than 30 hours!

For Sign-up on December 1st ONLY.   Register on December 1st and get a second ticket for your spouse or additional studio member at absolutely no cost.  


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